Daffodils! Well, we are based in Wales, and all vegplugs.co.uk staff are Welsh :)

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OK I know, it’s a little predictable, but this Monday morning’s installment of visual delights is all about the daffodil. I promise not to bang on about my wonderful little country too much .. maybe just once a year …

A happy St David’s day to you all!

(Hover over the images to learn the cultivar name)

And a noteworthy RHS article about daffodil cultivars (click here).

And (sorry I can’t resist) here is a picture of Cardiff – my very lovely city, affectionately known as the ‘Diff – taken out of the window of my ancient VW polo Mostyn.

This is the city hall- not exactly a hub of economic dynamism and world leading governance, but lovely nonetheless.

Don’t tell the WAG I said that 🙂


Slugs- They’re coming!

February 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

I give it a month and I reckon the little buggers will be out in force. I have included a few tips on keeping them off your veg (below slug pics) and also some pics of sea slugs, which I do think are very lovely.

Copper wire is a highly effective physical barrier that we use at Vegplugs.co.uk to keep slugs off the plugs.


Products containing lots of calcium carbonate (lime), especially those with jagged edges (diatomaceous earth), will deter slugs. Organic slug pellets are made from granite or a similar aggregate which is like a cheese grater to a slug’s belly.

Acidic soil conditions encourage slugs so check your soil pH and alkalise the soil surface by sprinkling lime, bone meal or egg shells around plants.

A pond or wetland area will encourage frogs and perhaps newts which feast on slugs. Chickens and ducks will eat slugs and all manner of soil pests. Various types of traps can be made. Trap crops can also be grown. Nematodes are available as a biological control. A skewer and a torch for bouts of mass murder is more therapeutic than it sounds.

And now for the monday morning installment of prettiness! Sea Slugs:


February 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

This week’s Monday morning installment of visual delights.

(Not selected with Valentine’s day in mind)

Another installment of prettiness for a monday morning – Tulips, Enjoy!

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Ah tulips are so pretty, but I think they should flower for longer. Oy! Creator! I want weeks not days!

A marine tulip (Pyura spinifera)

Images: Wikimedia

Artwork: Aneesah Baker


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Images: Wikimedia

Oh Claude, your too good

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To start the week: beauty, beauty and more beauty

Markets in Asia

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Not the financial type of market, though the Asian ones are quite exciting, but pictures of veg at markets that I have taken over the years.

This pic was taken in Dundgovi, Mongolia. I like the contrast between needing a smog mask and buying nutritious food.

Yunnan, China

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Luang Prabang, Laos

Bangkok, Thailand

Ban Hoay Xai, Laos

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