How to turn a roundabout into a meadow

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Excellent roundabout!

Advertisements Joy Larkcom

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By Francine Raymond

Without a shadow of doubt, Joy Larkcom has had more effect on the way we grow and eat salads and vegetables than all the celebrity chefs put together.

Often described as the original hunter gatherer, Joy studied horticulture at Wye, and her academic background encouraged her to dig deep — everything she writes has been researched in depth. She writes about what she knows and what she has grown.

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Soil secrets of ‘carbon neutral’ Welsh farm – Green Living – Go Green – WalesOnline

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Soil secrets of ‘carbon neutral’ Welsh farm – Green Living – Go Green – WalesOnline. Twitter in the city: The urban life of birds

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Birds adapt to noisy urban life by singing louder, warbling at night or moving away – but it’s threatening their survival, says Roger Dobson

Image: Rex Features

If a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square now, it might need to change its tune. Birds are having to adapt their songs to noisy city life so their communications can be heard above the urban hubbub.

City bird songs are becoming shorter, louder, and with longer pauses. They are also sung at higher pitch to rise above the low frequency noise of traffic.

Birds are increasingly singing at night, when noise levels are lower, and there’s evidence of an ability to adjust songs by leaving out lower pitch notes which would be drowned by traffic noise.

Some researchers believe that these change are adaptions that will lead to urban and rural birds of the same species becoming reproductively isolated. It’s also been suggested that birds and species which fail to adapt will quit city life, reducing urban biodiversity.

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Now thats the kind of CV I wanna see from my government representatives!

January 27, 2011 § 1 Comment Market man to stand for councillor in Riverside byelection

The man behind Cardiff’s successful market franchise Steve Garrett is to stand for councillor in the future byelection

steve garrett Steve Garrett will stand for Riverside councillor for Plaid Cymru. The man who started a successful franchise of Cardiff farmers’ markets is to stand in the next byelection. 

Steve Garrett, who started the famous Riverside Farmers’ Market and has since started three other farmers’ markets across the city, has announced he is to stand for Riverside councillor for Plaid Cymru.

riverside market Riverside Market is popular Sunday success Photograph: PaulHenryGardner

The byelection was called after Gwenllian Lansdown announced her resignation as councillor to start a family outside of Cardiff. It is expected that the byelection will be held on Thursday 3 March – the same day as the referendum on further powers for the National Assembly for Wales.

The farmers’ market franchise has expanded from Riverside to Roath, Rhiwbina and Llandaff – and Garrett has also overseen the Riverside Market Garden – which we featured on the blog here.

rhiwbina market Councillors Jayne Cowan and Adrian Robson at the Rhiwbina market

Independent News: Brecklands, East Anglia

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It contains more than 2,000 rare species but few people know Brecklands in Norfolk exists. Photo: ALAMY

Few visitors to East Anglia,on their way to the Broads or the North Norfolk coast, spare time for the ancient heaths around Thetford, on the Norfolk and Suffolk border. On the meter of national recognition, Breckland doesn’t create much of a swing. “People simply don’t know about it,” explains Tim Pankhurst, Plantlife’s regional conservation manager. “There’s no ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, or recognised designation. No one really holidays here. Botanists have known about it for ages, but from a general point of view, it’s a backwater.”

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Telegraph News: Food prices could double without GM foods, scientists warn

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Food prices could double without GM foods, scientists warn

Food prices could double unless farming undergoes the “greenest revolution” including genetic modification, cloned livestock and nanotechnology, scientists have warned.

A genetically modified 'Golden Rice' plant 

A genetically modified ‘Golden Rice’ plant at the International Rice Research Institute in Los Banos, Philippines Photo: GETTY

The Government-commissioned report said the current system of food production is not working as farms are focused on mass production that is destroying the environment.

While billions of people around the world are hungry and malnourished, more than a billion others are suffering health problems because of obesity

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