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April 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

Below is a list of the 15 most popular purchases in March at 

February was the month of the Brassica- loads of orders for Pentland Brig, Sicilia Violetta, Nautilus and Rouge tet Noire. Early April we are seeing lots of orders for peas, companion flowers and sweet peppers, and loads of seed orders too.

1. Sweetcorn ‘LARK IMPROVED’ 6 Plug Plants Lark is an exceptional cultivar, this recently improved strain is going to be great for early planting. At our plugs are grown in individual coco fibre pellets. The growing medium means we can let them get quite big without them getting spiral rootmass or running out of soil nutrients. Sweetcorn plugs can thus be planted up until end june, unlike seed which has to be in the ground soon.

A quick digression on planting sweetcorn from seed … there is a short window when outdoor conditions are right for planting sweetcorn seed. Sweetcorn seed is sensitive to both temperature (likes heat) and moisture (no waterlogging or seeds may rot). In the UK end April is usually a good time to direct sow. you want to get that second or third week when the soil has properly begun to retain the suns heat.

To avoid sweetcorn seed drying out and germinating poorly I plant quite deep- at least 1.5″. This is probably deeper than seed packets suggest, but it also means a slightly deeper rooting profile for this already very shallow rooting crop (so more anchorage, and stronger plants).


2. Herb Collection- 10 Plants – Dispatch March until October Seriously, we can’t grow enough herbs. No matter how many we plant there is never enough.
3. Heirloom Tomato Seeds ‘OPALKA’ Opalka kicks ass.
4. Heirloom Tomato Plant ‘ORANGE BANANA’ This is a really robust cultivar with thick stems, large leaves and big bunches of very large tomatoes. Support it well!
5. Broccoli (sprouting) ‘RED ARROW’ 6 Plants Old faithful, and not as massive as Early Sprouting Rudolph.
6. Lettuce ‘FLAME’ 6 Multisown Plug Plants Flame is one of the prettiest lttuces around, ad it grows nice and tall so makes a nice feature in the garden whilst taking up little space.
7. Pumpkin Plant ‘ROUGE VIF D’ETAMPES’ I thought Galeux D’Eysine or Zapallo Plomo would be number 1!!
8. Cucumber Plant ‘SPACEMASTER’ An attractive, compact cutivar which responds well to light pruning. Vines are short with short leaf spacings.
9. Cucumber Plant ‘BUSHY’ Good quality fat fruits. If given enough space and fertile soil this cultivar can be extremely productive.
10. Chive Seeds ‘Extra Fine’ The best chive for cutting all summer.
11. Fennel ‘BRONZE’ Large Plug PlantDecorative, good for herbal teas.
12. Summer Purslane Seeds A brilliant summer leaf, can be planted March til August. Leaves are really succulent with a bright, gentle flavour. Successional sow. good one to sow in the shade of maturing rows of crops like brassica or chard.
13. Chilli Pepper Plant ‘AOC PIMENTE D’ESPELETTE’ March’s most popular chilli is the only one in our whole selection with no Scoville’s! How British πŸ˜‰
14. Heirloom Tomato Seeds ‘ISIS CANDY’ A heat loving indeterminate. Slim vines need careful training and staking.
15. Large Collection- 84 Plants – Dispatched May/June Our bestselling collection is the biggest one! 

This year we have quite a few orders for the Large collection from community allotment projects, city farms and small business enterprises, so we will keep in contact with them and try get some good photos!


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