Pentland Brig – The best kale ever

February 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Pentland Brig is a tall growing heirloom kale. Its one of the most popular cultivars at and it’s really worth growing.

Pentland Brig has an attractive, upright habit and frilled leaves. The plant grows at about the same speed as a cauliflower, and grows to a similar size, possibly larger.

Here is a Pentland Brig in the Groblog garden. Note my foot in the bottom corner of the image for scale:

It’s such a shame I’m wearing crocs- the ugliest shoes I own, and only being utilised as they were a gift from my mother. Rest assured I have a stonking shoe collection and can regularly be found tending plugs in 5″ heels. But that’s another post entirely 🙂

The brilliant thing about Pentland Brig is it produces side shoots (like a sprouting broccoli) after the main head has been picked. Even when it flowers it still deliciously edible.

The leaves taste more cabbage like than most kales and are very thin, almost paper-thin, giving them a wide range of culinary applications. I like them steamed with butter, but have also used the leaves in place of vine leaves to make dolmades, and shredded and deep-fried them to make a sort of crispy seaweed.

Pentland Brig has a great flavour, but the best tasting kale is probably Red Russian. It has a butteriness that I’ve never encountered in a vegetable before, and it cooks down to a silky, spinach like consistency.


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