A list of seed societies & seed banks from seedsnatcher.com

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Its about this time of year that seed catalogues start arriving in the post. With the weather being so cold and snowy the only thing I have been able to plant is Meconopsis baileyi, a blue Himalayan poppy. I have a somewhat pathetic success rate with this poppy so here’s hoping the snow will persuade it to germinate.
Here is some excellent information from seedsnatcher.com on seed societies, seed banks and seed exchanges around the world.
” If you’re looking for interesting or heirloom seeds to grow, bank or give as gifts seed companies aren’t the only place to “shop” for seeds. There are plenty of seed societies, seed saving groups and places to exchange seeds. Here’s a listing of non-commercial seed societies, seed savers and seed exchanges from around the world. There is a separate listing for seed banks from around the world. While there may some overlap between the goals of these groups with the seed banks, I think they deserve separate listings. You find all of these seed societies, seed savers and seed exchanges in the Seed Snatcher search engine.
Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (US)
DYFI Valley Seed Savers (UK)
Garden State Heirloom Seed Society (US)
International Seed Saving Institute (US)
Irish Seed Savers (IE)
Koanga Institute (NZ)
Native Seed Search (US)
Organic Seed Alliance (US)
Organic Seed Partnership (US)
Primal Seeds (US)
Save Our Seed Project (US)
Seed Savers Exchange (US)
Seed Savers Network (AU)
Seeds of Diversity (CA)
Seedy Sunday (UK)
Seed and Plant Sanctuary of Canada (CA)
Southern Seed Legacy (US) 

If there’s a seed organization, group or seed exchange group that you think I should add please leave a message in the comments or contact me. In particular I’m interested in listing regional groups and groups outside of North America.”

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