Those big ears aren’t just cute you know

January 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Why do large black pigs have such big ears?

Observing my elephant eared pigs I found the ear seemingly obstructive: regularly the pigs had to turn their heads to see where they were going, and when they broke into a trot their ears batted them in the face.

Well, I didn’t spend too much time musing on the functionality of pigs ears, not in the biological sense anyway, though I did pore over Fergus Hendersons Nose to Tail Eating for culinary ideas, and I asked a few friends in the pub if they would eat black pork scratchings (a unanimous NO).

I found the answer in an article in US publication the Stockman Grass Farmer. The article detailed rare breeds and the rising demand for meat from these animals.

They have big ears to protect their eyes when digging/foraging in brambles and other coarse vegetation. So obvious!

PS Yes I did throw a snowball at my pig. Gently.

PPS I read somewhere else that if being chased, Large Black pigs are easier to escape from than a perky-eared pig as ear flop:visibility ratio is greatly impaired in the Large Black.

PPPS Where there is action, there is Huxley.

The joy of the psychic connection between owner and dog. Huxley knows I’m photographing ears and gives me her best pose and ‘feed the cuteness’ face. Yes Huxley your ears are fabulous.


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§ 2 Responses to Those big ears aren’t just cute you know

  • Kitty says:

    We used to own Gloucester Old Spot pigs. I used to love their grunting noises at feeding times and the shuffling around trying to hog the most food. When you throw the bedding in they used to love tussling the fresh straw into the air and burrowing under neath it.

    • vegplugs says:

      Pigs are absolutely amazing animals, I have so much respect for them, keeping them brings me so much joy (and frustration, broken fencing, empty wallet) .. pigs are my favourite animals! The large blacks are very gentle and friendly, you’d love them 🙂 I’d love some Old Spots.

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