No Veg?!…Blaencamel to the rescue

December 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Deepest winter (and some lenghthy pig action) havs reduced my garden to a patch of earth devoid of life.

The pigs have eaten every last root, earthworm and bug. The place is sterile. Pigs, dirty? they’ve eaten EVERYTHING. Theres nothing left to get dirty.

I had a lovely patch of sprouts (Trafalgar and Falstaff) which I planted in May, calculated so as to crop in time for Christmas, and 10 sprouting broccoli plants (Red Arrow) which were planted in June for a March crop, but my pigs razed the whole lot to the ground, so I’ve started off some lettuce, spinach, pakchoi and parsley under lights as I know I’m not going to have any crops from the garden until at least April/May.

Here are the little darlings:

Thank goodness for my local farmers market (Riverside Farmers Market) where Blaencamel Farm produce incredibly good quality veg all year round. I have lots of respect for these growers- the consistent quality and freshness of their produce is second to none. See for details.


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