Brode Galeux D’Eysines … No I Can’t Pronounce it Either

October 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

However! One can always rely on the Americans to find a way around foreign pronounciation. In the US an alternative name for this stunning cultivar has arisen.. the peanut pumpkin.



Now, this is my favourite pumpkin ever. I think it deserves a grand, flamboyant, even unpronouncable name.

I tracked down a real French person and I can tell you that Brode Galeux D’ Eysine is pronounced ‘brood galoo der isinay’. I quite like ‘brood galoo der isinay der peanoot’.

Thank goodness I found this out- when customers would ask my favourite pumpkin cultivars my voice would get awfully quiet when pronouncing this one, trailing off into “… or something like that”.

Galeux D’Eyesine translates as ’embroidered with warts from Eysines’.

PS. The warts are caused by sugars, extruded through the skin. In addition wherever a blemish occurs on the skin the warts will form. Apparently you can carve letters/patterns when the pumpkin is maturing and then you can see your name in warts.


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