Seed Banks in the News

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Guardian article about Russia’s Pavlosk seed bank published 20th September 2010:


A bit of a harvest for 2010

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For the first year in about a decade I have been too busy to grow much veg. Indeed this coincides with starting I am now too busy growing plugs to post around the country to actually grow plugs into veg to eat.

We managed to squeeze a few plants into the Groblog garden but were so busy with the business there was little time to tend crops.

We figured a positive to this though- if we get decent harvests by practically ignoring them, imagine how briliant they’ll be with a bit of feed and attention in our customers’ gardens!

Sicilia Violetta, an open pollinated purple cauliflower with excellent flavour and a pretty, upright growing habit. Planted from plug in partial shade in March, harvested in June.

Aubergine ‘Little Fingers‘ and ‘Calliope‘ F1.

Tomato ‘Orange King’, a semi-determinate open pollinated cultivar.

A small ‘Reine des Glaces‘ iceberg lettuce- all the big ones got eaten.

Salad Bowl‘, a reliable quick growing lettuce.

‘Mantovano’ bulbing (Florence) fennel, growing in the shade of maturing brassica (cauliflower) to prevent bolting. A few will be left to flower as umbelliferous flower heads attract beneficial insects.

Here we have winter savoury (centre) with thyme growing around it. The thyme is flowering.

Chilli pepper ‘Numex Mirasol’, an upward pointing chilli which proved very hardy, cropping from late summer until end september.

Cercis canadiensis – The Forest Pansy – My all time favourite tree

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Would you look at this tree! It is 14 years old and growing happily in the suburbs of Cardiff.

Cercis canadiensis is native to the US. The leaves have a lovely heart shape and the bark is grey and almost reptilian.



Below is an image by David Creech from, where you can read a detailed analysis of the species.

This Cercis canadiensis has been pruned well, showing the trees natural, elegant form. The blossoms are also gorgeous.



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