The Jack Russell Terrier: Canine companion or demon dog?

July 23, 2010 § 3 Comments

Thats the name of the book, not my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

You can read the book here for free- it’s a brilliant guide to the breed. Many thanks to the authors and for publishing it online.

I realise I talk about Huxley quite a lot so I thought i’d introduce her. Here she is:

Huxley is my Jack Russell. She’s from the pound, but give her credit as the pound guys did find her in a posh area and she is very good looking.

Until she reached about 18 months of age she was a bit of handful. Not wanting to post expletives on my sweet gardening blog I will add that anyone who met Hux during her ‘formative’ years would be f’ing and blinding at my deliberate playing down of the horror with the use of ‘handful’.

Huxley scared/annoyed so many of my friends/business associates during this period she got banned from several houses. OK nearly all the houses.

But! age (and training, daily, forever) has brought a new perspective to Huxley, and now she is really quite impressively behaved.

The latest dog training strategy combined the near god-like powers of Supernanny and Cesar Milan.

A naughty spot. Absolute mind control. Progress chart.

And I am pleased to report the score is about 500-1 to me.

The ‘1’ for Hux happened last week. I got distracted in the local park nattering to Margaret and Hux growled at Margaret’s labrador, the lab calmly jumped ontop of Hux, pinned her to the ground and sat there for about 2 minutes. Huxley just sighed, realising the futility of struggling. Us responsible dog owners laughed and watched. I was tempted to leave hux there all day.


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