Indeterminate vs. determinate tomatoes

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The tomatoes on a determinate (bush) variety will be ready to crop at the same time- give or take a few weeks. Their habit is compact (up to 5ft tall and 3ft wide), often bush like and they are well-suited to container planting. They are good for beginners as they need little pruningĀ or staking:


Indeterminate (or vine, cordon) varieties usually have a vigorous vining habit and can be trained up a trellis or wires to a height of at least 6ft. They have a single central stem with leaves branching at regular, widely spaced intervals. They bear fruit sequentially over many months:


Semi-determinate varieties have a growth habit somewhere between determinate and indeterminate.

The picure below is of my tiny tomato patch. At the back leaning against the wall is a robust, thick stemmed indeterminate cultivar called Anna Russian. At the front Aand centre are three bush tomatoes.

They were planted just as the soil began to warm properly, and a mulch of well rotted manure/straw was laid down prior to planting which would have aided soil heating. The plugs really popped into growth as soon as they hit the ground, giving them plenty of time to leaf up and bear me big harvests.


Little Leprechaun – a bloody great lettuce

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Little Leprechaun is one of those reliable culivars that always grows well in the field and tastes fabulous on the plate. Hardy, vigorous, attractive, and to top it all Little Leprechaun grows tall, taking up very little groundspace.

I’m harvesting it now for a BBQ, but also the weather is really hotting up. It was planted in shade to mitigate the onset of long summer days. This along with plenty of moisture has prevented any lettuces in the Groblog’s garden from bolting.

And we are done with lettuces til autumn!

Growing inbetween the shorter Bianca Riccia da Taglio endive and bulbing fennel.

Cut, photographed and on its way to the salad bowl!

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